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1. Has got a physical store?
No, our store is only on-line (in the internet)
2. What is silver 925 ?
Silver 925 is a silver alloy permitted by law. It is the most used alloy by the silver jewels manufacturers. The pure silver is very tender and malleable and for this reason can not be used to produce silver pieces. Alternatively, we use silver alloys (silver 925). This alloy is the resultant mixture of 92,5 % of pure silver with 7,5 % of copper. This alloy is the most used nowadays and it is recognized by Contrastaria Portuguesa.
3. Have your pieces the legal marks?
 Yes, all our pieces are contrasted with the manufacturers` responsability mark, according the legislation.
4. Why do silver pieces have a rhodium plating?
To avoid silver oxidation (nowadays silver don´t get dark so quickly). The rhodium plating gives silver a colour and brightness similar to white gold.
5. What is I. N. C. M.?
I. N. C. M. stands for Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda authority from Portugal. I. N. C. M. is a regulatory entity which assures that silver touch respects the legislation. I. N. C. M. applies a legal mark in all precious metals that respect the legislation. This way, protects the consumers and avoids fraud and falsification.


6. Pieces´ prices include VAT (Value-Added Tax)?
Yes, VAT is included in the prices shown.
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