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  Data Protection  

Security and privacy policy collects your personal data to fulfill orders and to promote our products. We assume the commitment of privacy and security in the processing and maintenance of personal data of each customer. We don´t sell, exchange or rent your personal data to a third party. The information you give us serves to offer you a good service and to communicate our products, services and promotions as better as possible.

Every customers have the right to accede, rectify, cancel and protest to their data, according the legislation concerning the protection of personal data. If you want to do one of the situations above please contact us using our e-mail (don´t forget to include your e-mail address and complete name) or telephone.

When you make your registration in you should fill in the registration form correctly, providing true information. You must use your user name and keyword in a personal and untransferable way, so that security can be assured by the access code. Only two entities will know the information included in the login: you and We assume the commitment not to reveal, in any case, this code. We also need to inform you that can not be responsible by the inappropriate use of the login.

When you pay

The selection of the form of payment and the introduction of the data relative to an order are protected. We encrypt and manage the information using sophisticated security tools, assuring that the payment is made with total security.

Thank you for your trust.

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