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  Repairs offers its customers a very useful and innovative service: the repairs/fixings and transformations service.

If you have a smashed necklace, a necklace that needs to be threaded (ex: node by node), a desoldered bracelet or a silver piece that needs a cleaning service please contact You will certainly find a solution that will give a new life to your pieces.

After receiving the product, our technical department analyzes the situation and gives a free estimate for the repair.
If you want to change a piece (ex: necklace, bracelet or earring) you can inform us previously. Please use our contact form (see contacts). You will be informed about the viability of the transformation. We will give you additionally an estimate. You can also ask for a suggestion to transform your piece.

In this service it is not included the repair of watches and less noble metals. We are especially vocationed to the repair and transformation of silver products, semiprecious stones and silver pieces with any kind of finish.

After receiving your piece, you will be informed within five working days about the time and the estimate of the repair.

Before making the repair we must obtain your authorisation and payment by e-mail. The delivery costs will be paid by the customer. The delivery costs are not included in the estimate of repair costs.
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