Topázio “Caninhas” cutlery
Ref.: FT008 17 788,00 Eur
Silver 925 ‰ cutlery “Caninhas”. Brand: Topázio. Composed of several pieces. You can buy piece by piece or the all set. The price indicated is related to 135 pieces: 12 table spoons, 12 dessert spoons, 12 coffee spoons, 12 tea spoons, 12 table knives, 12 fish knives, 12 dessert knives, 12 table forks, 12 fish forks, 12 dessert forks, 12 cake forks, one sugar piece for tea, one sugar piece for coffee and one piece to serve pies. Please contact to know the price of the piece you wish.
Silver 925 ‰
Approximate weight – 135 pieces – 6130 g
Made in Portugal. Product produced by Topázio. Topázio is a prestigious company established in 1874.
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