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7. What is the delivery time?
First of all we need to check if the product is in stock. We also need your proof of payment. If these requirements are met the product will be delivered within 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays).
8. Is it safe to buy in ?
Yes, the electronic payments are processed by a specialist partner. has no access, in no moment, to your data.
9. Have´s products warranty?
Yes, two year warranty.
10. Have´s products technical assistance?
Yes, all pieces have technical assistance. You should always keep the invoice or proof of payment because it may be asked.
11. Have all products stock?
No, some customized products are produced manually exclusively for you. In these cases we need to contact the manufacturer to know the delivery time. The majority of the products have stock.
12. Has got paper catalogues?
No, we only have got a on-line catalogue in
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